Si3404 5V Buck Class 2 Evaluation Kit


The Si3404 5V Class 2 Evaluation Kit demonstrates a complete IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet PD system using Silicon Lab’s Si3404 PoE PD device. A single Si3404 manages the PoE interface and dc-dc conversion. The low-cost buck converter outputs up to 1.4A at 5V for a total power of 7W. The User Guide contains the Sifos IEEE compliance report, EMI test report, schematics, and board layout.

Hardware Features and Design Resources

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Si3404 5V, 7W Class 2 evaluation board
  • 1 x Quick start card

Kit Features

  • Included devices:
  • 7W buck converter
    • 5V, 1.4A output
    • Up to 77.7% efficiency
  • Fully 802.3at/af compliant
  • EN 55032 class B conducted and radiated EMI compliant
  • 3.3V, 12V, and 24V versions available

Design Resources

Additional Resources

UG324 User’s Guide

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