Si34061 Isolated 5V Class 4 Evaluation Kit


The Si34061 5V Class 4 Evaluation Kit demonstrates a complete IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet PD system using Silicon Lab’s Si34061 PoE PD device. A single Si34061 manages the PoE interface and dc-dc conversion. The isolated flyback converter outputs up to 6A at 5V for a total power of 30W while using a small EPD13 size transformer. The Sifos IEEE compliance report, EMI test report, schematics, and layout, found in the User Guide, jump start new designs.

Hardware Features and Design Resources

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Si34061 5V, 30W Class 4 evaluation board
  • 1 x Quick start card

Kit Features

  • Included devices:
  • 30W, isolated flyback converter
    • 5V, 6A output
    • Up to 89% efficiency
    • Small, EPD13 size transformer
  • 48V aux power supply input
  • Second RJ45 jack to pass through Ethernet data
  • Fully 802.3at compliant
  • EN 55032 class B conducted and radiated EMI compliant

Design Resources

Additional Resources

Si34061 Isolated 5V Class 4 User’s Guide

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