Silicon Labs Software

Download software files to support Silicon Labs wide portfolio of products. Access information on Reference Designs, 8-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers, interface, timing, sensors, wireless Proprietary, zigbee®, Thread, Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® development.

Wireless and MCU Software

Simplicity Studio

Access MCU and Wireless tools, documentation, software, and source code libraries for EFM32™ Gecko 32-bit MCUs, EFR32™ Wireless Gecko SoCs & Modules, and EZR32™ Wireless SoCs and 8-bit EFM8™ and C8051 MCUs.

Timing Software

ClockBuilder Pro

ClockBuilder Pro is designed to simplify clock tree design and device configuration. This software integrates the equivalent of more than 150 man-years of Silicon Lab’s DSPLL and timing technology and applications expertise.

Interface Software

Sensor Software

Filter Utilities, Drivers and Additional Software Files

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