Bluetooth Xpress iOS and Android Mobile Applications

Bluetooth Xpress modules provide a zero programming embedded solution enabling Bluetooth connectivity to smart phones. Silicon Labs offers Xpress framework to streamline mobile app development by abstracting core Bluetooth APIs on Android and iOS behind a high-level API unified across both mobile operating systems.  

Features of the xpress framework include:

  • Scan for Bluetooth Xpress devices with single API, which populates an array of discovered Xpress modules and notifies when new modules are found.
  • Single connect API to handle all interrogation and connection with Bluetooth Xpress device.
  • Read and write APIs enable send and receive across the BLE link with all lower-level Bluetooth-specific transactions handled automatically.
  • Function to mode-switch Bluetooth Xpress communications link between stream mode and remote command execution.
  • Remote command execution on Bluetooth Xpress devices for I/O control, configuration, and more.

Mobile Applications

Communicate with Bluetooth Xpress devices using the xpress framework.


Scan and Connect

Stream Mode Communication

Remote Command Mode

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