Silicon Labs Bluetooth® Software for Apple HomeKit

Silicon Labs’ Bluetooth software implements a fully Bluetooth 5 compliant and Apple HomeKit-enabled solution which can be used to build all types of Apple HomeKit accessories with Bluetooth connectivity to Apple iOS, Apple TV and Apple Watch devices.

The Silicon Labs’ software is pre-tested and approved by Apple and combined with our Bluetooth capable Wireless Gecko SoC or module portfolio we provide everything needed for making Apple HomeKit-enabled products easily and quickly, so you can go to market faster.

SDK Features

Bluetooth Features:

  • Bluetooth 4.2 compliant (EFR32BG1)
  • Bluetooth 5 compliant (EFR32BG12 or EFR32BG13)
  • Standalone mode – Bluetooth, HomeKit and application running in the Wireless Gecko
  • NCP mode - Bluetooth and HomeKit in the Wireless Gecko and Application running in a separate MCU
  • Over-the-Air firmware update NCP firmware update

Apple HomeKit Features:

  • HomeKit Accessory Protocol compliant
  • Implements all Apple HomeKit profiles, services and characteristics
  • Implements all HomeKit security and MFi authentication Works with Apple Home application
  • Tested and Approved by Apple

IDE, Tools and Documentation:

  • Simplicity Studio v4
  • Energy Profiler
  • IAR Embedded Workbench
  • IAR or GCC C compiler
  • Bluetooth Developer Studio plug-ins for GATT and code auto generation
  • Example applications and source code for various accessories
  • iOS application available in source code API documentation and application notes

Software Development Kit for Apple HomeKit

To start developing Apple HomeKit compliant devices with Silicon Labs’ Bluetooth Software Development Kit (SDK), Bluetooth compliant Wireless Gecko SoCs, or modules you need our Bluetooth SDK for Apple HomeKit. The Apple HomeKit Bluetooth SDK is only available for Apple MFI licensees and you need to request is separately using the form below. If you are not Apple MFI licensee, first sign up here.

Hardware for Apple HomeKit Accessories

No matter what your hardware needs are, the Wireless Gecko SoCs and module portfolio offers multiple products ranging from fully integrated and certified modules to get you to market fast while reducing development risks. Wireless Gecko SoCs also allow you to customize the hardware and antenna design to suit your application’s needs.

Getting Started with Blue Gecko Development Kit

Blue Gecko Bluetooth Smart Wireless Starter Kit

The easiest way to begin development with Blue Gecko Bluetooth Smart Modules is with the Bluetooth Wireless Starter Kit.

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