Clock Software Development Tools


IMPORTANT: Not all Silicon Labs clocks are customizable under one software.

Clocks with I²C programming as well as our new clock families need desktop software. Pin-controlled clocks can be customized on the web.

Please see the table below to select the appropriate software for your clock generator. Different versions of the ClockBuilder software to configure different products can be installed simultaneously on one computer.


Go to Oscillator Software Development Tools for all Silicon Labs oscillators.

Software Supported Devices Version Date Notes
ClockBuilder Pro Software Si5332, Si5334/35/38/55/56/57, Si534x, Si535x, Si537x, Si538x, Si539x, Si5121x 2.35 6/18/2019 Release Notes / README
ClockBuilder Pro Project File Inspector Tool Si5332, Si5334/35/38/55/56/57, Si534x, Si535x, Si538x, Si538x, Si539x, Si5121x 1.0 12/12/2016 Release Notes / README
ClockBuilder Web Utility Si5350, Si5335, Si5355 N/A N/A N/A
DSPLLsim Precision Clock EVB Software (Si531x, Si532x, Si536x) Si531x, Si532x, Si536x 5.1 07/2014 Release Notes / README
DSPLLsim Precision Clock EVB Software (Si537x) Si5374, Si5375, Si5376 3.1 04/03/2013 Release Notes / README
Jitter Calculator Si5320, Si5321, Si5364 1.1 2005 Release Notes / README
PCIe Clock Jitter Tool Si5332, Si533x, Si5211x, Si5214x, Si531xx 4.0 6/17/2019 Release Notes / README
Si504x EVB Software Si5040, Si5041 4.1 08/2014 Release Notes / README

Phase Noise to Jitter Calculator

Converts phase noise to phase jitter, period jitter, and cycle-to-cycle jitter to identify clocks and oscillators that meet your requirements.

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