ClockBuilder Pro Software

Clocks Have Never Been Easier

ClockBuilder Pro is designed to simplify clock tree design and device configuration. This software integrates the equivalent of more than 150 man-years of Silicon Lab’s DSPLL and timing technology and applications expertise. This software solution is provided in PC/Windows executable format to support Silicon Labs’ Si5332, Si5334/35/38/55/56/57, Si5335x, Si534x, Si535x, Si5371/72, Si538x, Si539x, Si5121x, and Si5335x clock generators, buffers, PCIe clocks, and jitter attenuators. The software supports direct connection to all related EVBs and the CBPro Field Programmer.Release notes, CLI (Command Line Interface) documentation, and general training information are also included in the software package. 

Easy to Use Evaluation Platforms

The Si5332-xA-EVBs, Si5332-xEX-EVBs, Si332-xIX-EVBs, Si534x-EVBs, Si5372x-EVBs, Si538x-EVBs, Si539x-EVBs, Si5121x-EVBs, and Si5335x-EVBs make it easy to move from ClockBuilder Pro device configuration to hands-on performance evaluation.

Each kit offers the following features:

  • Seamless download from ClockBuilder Pro to EVB
  • SMA connectors for high quality measurements
  • No external clocks are required for free-run evaluation
  • Real-time power and junction temperature measurements
  • Access all registers, LED indicators and I/O
  • Most configurations can be powered by USB


Compatible Development Kits

General Purpose Clock Generator Kits

Coherent Optical Clock Kits

Wireless Jitter Attenuator Kits

CMOS Clock Generator Kits

Network Synchronizer Clock Kits


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