EZMac® Software

Embedded Media Access Control Software Demo Code

Silicon Labs’ EZMac® media access control software is developed in C code for use with our EZRadioPRO® and Si10xx wireless MCU products to help create simple point-to-point and star networks. Transceiver application designers can use the EZMac software as a demonstration of a simplified interface to the physical radio layer that manages the delivery of signals and their associated packets from the transmitter to the receiver, between nodes.

  • Supports the Si403x transmitter, the Si433x receiver and the Si443x transceiver from the EZRadioPRO family, and the Si100x and Si101x wireless MCU ICs
  • Internal baud rate generator 16 byte payload per packet
  • Dedicated crystal oscillator for exact timing DQD (data quality detector) for FSK fast frequency hopping
  • Configurable packet filtering
  • Multiple error detection
  • Nine basic machine states (sleep, wake up, idle, check DQD, receive packet, packet ready, listen before talk, transmit packet, transmit error)
  • Supports various addressing modes (broadcast, multicast, promiscuous)
  • Full function and reduced function versions available
  • Patents pending
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