Graphical User Interface

A graphical user interface solution capable of satisfying a variety of display needs, from simple monochrome text to rich, full-color images and touch-screen functionality. Supports a lengthy list of display controllers.

Micrium offers a time tested GUI solution that features an intuitive API. The GUI is equally well-suited for single- and multi-task enviornments, and it is provided as source code.

GUI Features

Main Features

  • Optimized for size and performance
  • Supports any type of LCD, with any controller (with appropriate driver)
  • Supports a configurable display size
  • Facilitates use of virtual displays
  • Allows characters and bitmaps to be written to any display location
  • Provides display caching for improved performance
  • Equipped with compile-time switches for various optimizations
  • Includes Micrium OS GUI-View tool

GUI Features

  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Monospaced and Proportional Fonts
  • Foreign Language Support
  • GUIBuilder Application for creating dialog boxes
  • Memory Devices
  • Multiple Layers / Multiple Displays
  • Multiple Frame Buffers
  • Pointer Input Devices
  • Skinning
  • Viewer (display simulator)
  • Virtual Screen for displays larger than the viewport
  • Window Manager for creating and managing windows

LCD Support

  • Support for a variety of LCD types:
    • Monochrome (black and white)
    • Gray scale passive
    • Active color (TFT)

Optional Features

  • Add-ons available to the basic package:
    • Multi Touch
    • Win32 PC Simulator
    • VNC Server


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Evaluate all Functions of Micrium's GUI for Free

The trial version contains a fully-featured library including: window manager, memory devices, antialiasing, widget library and touch panel support.
You will need Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 or later in order to build the project.

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