Graphical User Interface

A graphical user interface solution capable of satisfying a variety of display needs, from simple monochrome text to rich, full-color images and touch-screen functionality. Supports a lengthy list of display controllers.

Micrium offers a time tested GUI solution that features an intuitive API. The GUI is equally well-suited for single- and multi-task enviornments, and it is provided as source code.

GUI Features

Main Features

  • Optimized for size and performance
  • Supports any type of LCD, with any controller (with appropriate driver)
  • Supports a configurable display size
  • Facilitates use of virtual displays
  • Allows characters and bitmaps to be written to any display location
  • Provides display caching for improved performance
  • Equipped with compile-time switches for various optimizations
  • Includes Micrium OS GUI-View tool

GUI Features

  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Monospaced and Proportional Fonts
  • Foreign Language Support
  • GUIBuilder Application for creating dialog boxes
  • Memory Devices
  • Multiple Layers / Multiple Displays
  • Multiple Frame Buffers
  • Pointer Input Devices
  • Skinning
  • Viewer (display simulator)
  • Virtual Screen for displays larger than the viewport
  • Window Manager for creating and managing windows

LCD Support

  • Support for a variety of LCD types:
    • Monochrome (black and white)
    • Gray scale passive
    • Active color (TFT)

Optional Features

  • Add-ons available to the basic package:
    • Multi Touch
    • Win32 PC Simulator
    • VNC Server



Licensing Packages That Meet Your Needs

Micrium embedded components are priced as individual modules or as bundled solutions. Check out our licensing page for more information.

Download Trial

Evaluate all Functions of Micrium's GUI for Free

The trial version contains a fully-featured library including: window manager, memory devices, antialiasing, widget library and touch panel support.
You will need Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 or later in order to build the project.

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