Silicon Labs Software Release Updates

New software releases include improvements and bug fixes for our Bluetooth, Thread, Zigbee, and MCU product families.

Updated October 2018

EmberZNet 6.4.0 (Full release here)

  • Green Power Combo
  • Sub-GHz PHY running on RAIL
  • NVM3 support for single protocol Zigbee
  • Upgrade feature from SimEEv2 to NVM3

Silicon Labs - Thread 2.8.0 (Full release here)

  • SL-Thread support for LZ4 decompression in Gecko Bootloader
  • Border Router support for Basil Hayden Thread features
  • Beta release for Dotdot

Flex 2.4.0 (Full release here)

  • Support for existing EFR32MG1x sub-GHz parts
  • Support for new EFR32MG1x sub-GHz parts
  • Multi-PHY support
  • Connect support for 500 kbps data throughput
  • 2.4 GHz and sub-GHz FHSS
  • Dynamic Multiprotocol RAIL + BLE Range test and Mobile App support

Bluetooth 2.10.0 (Full release here)

  • Optional Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) and +20 dBm TX
  • Modules treated as individual products in Studio
  • RF channel now reported in scan events
  • Bluetooth + RAIL DMP range test application

MCU (Full release here)

  • Production Bootloader for EFM32GG12x
  • CMSIS package for EFM32GG12x alpha
  • Support for LTE-M expansion kit for EFM32GG11x STK
  • EFM32GG11x EBI support in EMLIB


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