Silicon Labs Software Release Updates

Updated December 2018

Get the latest improvements, bug fixes and security updates for Silicon Labs Bluetooth, Thread, Zigbee and MCU product families in our latest SDK.

Zigbee EmberZNet 6.5.0 (Full release here)

  • Improved client and server Touchlink support for Zigbee 3.0
  • Enhancements to support TRNG and IAR stack protection for smart metering

Thread 2.9.0 (Full release here)

  • NVM3 support for SL-Thread
  • X509 DTLS manufacturing tokens support

Flex 2.5.0 (Full release here)

  • Multi-PHY Radio Configurator GUI GA
  • New Automatic HW RX Diversity Sub-GHz PHY

Bluetooth 2.11.0 (Full release here)

  • Extended advertisements RX-RX
  • White-listing support

MCU (Full release here)

  • Gecko Bootloader USB and HTTPS sample apps (EFR32MG1x)


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Q4 2018

Updated October 2018

EmberZNet 6.4.0 (Full release here)

  • Green Power Combo
  • Sub-GHz PHY running on RAIL
  • NVM3 support for single protocol Zigbee
  • Upgrade feature from SimEEv2 to NVM3

Silicon Labs - Thread 2.8.0 (Full release here)

  • SL-Thread support for LZ4 decompression in Gecko Bootloader
  • Border Router support for Basil Hayden Thread features
  • Beta release for Dotdot

Flex 2.4.0 (Full release here)

  • Support for existing EFR32MG1x sub-GHz parts
  • Support for new EFR32MG1x sub-GHz parts
  • Multi-PHY support
  • Connect support for 500 kbps data throughput
  • 2.4 GHz and sub-GHz FHSS
  • Dynamic Multiprotocol RAIL + BLE Range test and Mobile App support

Bluetooth 2.10.0 (Full release here)

  • Optional Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) and +20 dBm TX
  • Modules treated as individual products in Studio
  • RF channel now reported in scan events
  • Bluetooth + RAIL DMP range test application

MCU (Full release here)

  • Production Bootloader for EFM32GG12x
  • CMSIS package for EFM32GG12x alpha
  • Support for LTE-M expansion kit for EFM32GG11x STK
  • EFM32GG11x EBI support in EMLIB


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