Z-Ware Portal

Z-Ware Portal is a portal demonstration system that combines Z-Ware and Z-Ware Apps with standard technologies such as Apache HTTP Server and OpenLDAP.

The Z-Ware Portal is designed to serve Z/IP Gateways, such as ZIPRs, through secure IP tunnels to form a turnkey solution.

Z-Ware Apps (Z-Apps) run on Z-Ware which comes with sample Z-Apps in the form of web pages. An AJAX capable web browser is required to these pages. Z-Apps are provided in different form factor for Tablet and Phone.

As a developer you have two choices:

  • Download the Z-Ware portal sample source code and host it
  • Use the Z-Ware evaluation portal


Z-Ware Evaluation Portal

The ZIPR Evaluation Portal is designed to serve ZIPRs, through secure IP tunnels. The Portal contains a scene module that enables change of settings on multiple devices with the touch of a button. The scenes can be triggered by a user interface on a tablet, smart phone, a schedule or by triggering events from connected Z-Wave devices.

Note: For the beta stage you may receive a warning that the certificate is invalid, this warning can be ignored

Z-Ware Portal - Self Hosted

If you want to host the sample Z-Ware portal on your own hosting server, download the source code and use the Z-Ware portal installation guide.

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