Si5xx Single/Dual/Quad Frequency
5x7 mm XO/VCXO Development Kit


The Silicon Labs Si5xx5x7-EVB evaluation kit contains the hardware and documentation needed for evaluation of the 6-pin and 8-pin XOs/VCXOs in 5 x 7 mm packages. This is an older board, sometimes referred to as the “postage stamp board”, which was initially developed to support the Si550 and related devices. It will not support 3.2 x 5 mm packages.


Each evaluation kit includes:

  • Si5xx5x7-EVB Evaluation Board
  • Documentation CD

The Si5xx5x7-EVB does not come with a pre-installed sample device. You can specify a custom crystal oscillator and create a new part number, or look up an existing product by part number, and order samples starting at the Custom Oscillator Part Number Utility.


Si5xx5x7-EVB User's Guide

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