Si5xx I²C Programmable Oscillator Development Kit


The Silicon Labs Si5xx-PROG-EVB development kit contains the hardware and software needed for evaluation and programming of the Si514, Si570,  Si571, Si598 and Si599 any frequency I²C programmable XO/VCXOs. These user-programmable oscillators utilize Silicon Labs' advanced DSPLL® technology to generate any frequency from 100 kHz to 1417 MHz. Featuring programming resolution better than 0.026 parts per billion, these products are ideally suited for use in FPGA-based, all digital PLL applications.


Each evaluation kit includes:

  • Si5xx-PROG-EVB Hardware
  • Programmable Oscillator Software Utilities
  • EVB Driver (USBXpress®)
  • USB Cable
  • User's Guide Documentation


Si5xx-PROG-EVB User's Guide

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