zigbee® Debug Adapter

Silicon Labs' Ember debug adapter enables programming and debugging of EM35x devices via a standard 10-pin packet trace port connector on the target hardware. Access to the debug adapter is provided by TCP/IP connections over a Power-over-Ethernet capable 10/100 Ethernet connection. In addition to programming/debugging capabilities, the debug adapter contains an expansion connector that gives developers access to target hardware serial ports and GPIO. Using these extra I/O, developers can write sophisticated test drivers that simulate button presses or other I/O activity from their desktop.

Key Features

  • Programming of the EM35x series of chips
  • Development programming from Desktop Network Analyzer
  • Production programming from command-line interface

Packet trace port connectivity for debugging

  • API Trace: The unique minimally intrusive API trace for the EM35x family is accomplished with a memory mapped interface, enabling API tracing of EmberZNet APIs without tying up a UART and drastically modifying timing like competing solutions. API traces are available through the Desktop Network Analyzer.
  • PacketTrace: All EM35x chips provide a complete non-intrusive trace of all packets arriving and departing the radio. The debug adapter permits this trace to be used for network analysis by Desktop Network Analyzer and completely removes the uncertainty inherent in packet sniffer based tools.
  • Virtual UART: Unique among zigbee silicon providers, the Ember EM35x series supplies developers with a print function that operates over a virtual UART. This debugging tool enables developers to send themselves messages during device operation without using a hardware serial port and with minimal timing impact on running code. Messages can be seen in the Desktop Network Analyzer.

Extended debugging connections

  • UART access: Access target hardware's UART via a TCP socket interface for scripting and debugging
  • GPIO access: Access to GPIO pins on the target hardware via a TCP socket for debugging functions such as button press emulation
  • Supply of power to target hardware: Optionally supply up to 250 mA of regulated power to the target hardware

Key Specifications

Key Specification Description​
Power Sources 5 V DC from USB or Power over Ethernet (PoE)​
Current Consumption​ 120 mA (12 V DC connector), 1.44 W (PoE) ​
  • Ethernet - PoE 10/100baseT Ethernet (w/ polarity detection)
  • Packet Trace Port - standard 10-pin (2 x 5.05 in) ribbon cable header
​DHCP or Static network address configuration
Buffered to match target hardware voltage from 2.1 to 3.6 V
Data Emulation Interface​ 12-pin expansion I/O connector​
USB administration/configuration port​ Available​
Dimensions​ 4.63 in x 2.84 in x 1.00 in​
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