EZRadio® Si4355 915 MHz One-Way LCD Development Kit


Silicon Labs' One-Way LCD Development Kit contains everything you need to familiarize yourself and evaluate the Si4012 RF transmitter board, Si4355 receivers board and LCD baseboard for the 434 MHz frequency band.

One-Way LCD Development Kit Contents

  • TX pico board, PCB antenna, SMA
  • RX pico board, PCB antenna, SMA
  • (2) LCD baseboard with PER demo code
  • (2) antenna
  • (2) USB cable
  • (6) AA battery

One-Way LCD Development Kit Resources

EZRadio Si4455 Two-Way and Si4012/Si4355 One-Way Link Development Kit User's Guide

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AN685: Layout Design Guide for the Si4455/4355 RF ICs

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AN686: Antennas for the Si4455/4355 RF ICs

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AN690: Si4010 Development Kit Quick Start Guide

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AN692: Si4355/Si4455 Programming Guide and Sample Code

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AN693: Si4455 Low-Power PA Matching

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