WGM160P Wi-Fi Module Radio Board


The SLWRB4321A WGM160P Radio Board allows you to develop and protoype with the WGM160P Wi-Fi Module. It includes a micro-usb port to power it independently. It is also designed to work with the Silicon Labs Wireless STK baseboard. The starter kit, SLWSTK6121A (baseboard and radio board) is also available.

Hardware and Software Features

Hardware Features

  • WGM160P Radio Board:
    • Micro USB power connector for Radio-board only operation
    • 2 micro u.FL connectors
    • Micro SD card reader
    • Ethernet RMII EXP board
    Software Features
  • Support for Gecko OS for rapid development and prototyping
  • Support for Gecko OS studio
  • Example demo applications
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