Wizard Gecko Wi-Fi Module Wireless Starter Kit


The Wizard Gecko Wi-Fi Module Wireless Starter Kit is the easiest and fastest way to start evaluation and development of your own Wi-Fi IoT applications. The wireless starter kit comes with the Wi-Fi module radio board with SD Card holder and USB, a main board with 2 x AA battery holder and USB connection, display and connections to all the modules peripheral interfaces as well an extension board with additional peripherals like an accelerometer.

With the kit you also get Silicon Labs’ software SDK, with example applications, documentation, and other resources to get started with your own development.


Hardware and Software Features

Wizard Gecko Starter Kit Contents:

  • WGM110 Wizard Gecko Wi-Fi module radio board
  • Wireless Starter Kit Mainboard
  • Wireless Starter Kit Extension Board
  • Mini and Micro USB cables
  • Battery holder for 2 x AA batteries (batteries not included)
    Wizard Gecko Starter Kit Features:
  • Sensor: temperature, humidity, accelerometer
  • UI: Display, buttons, LEDs, joystick
  • PC connectivity: USB
  • USB or battery powered
    Wizard Gecko SDK:
  • BGScript™ development tools and example code
  • BGLIB™ source code and example applications
  • PC software tools
  • API Documentation and user guides

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