CPT112S-GM 12 Channel TouchXpress Capacitive Touch Controller I2C interface

The CPT112S-GM is an 12 channel capacitive touch controller. Available in a QFN20 package (3x3) the CPT112S-GM provides a reconfigurable I2C interface.

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Specifications Summary

Number of Channels: 12

Interface: I2C

Package Type: QFN20

Wake on Proximity: Yes

Slider: Yes

Package Size: 3x3

LED/Buzzer: Yes

Development Tools Type
CPT112S TouchXpress Capacitive Touch Evaluation Kit Evaluation Kits
Title Version Resource Type
USBXpress WinCE 5.0 1.3.1 Software
AN1092: TouchXpress™ Custom Configuration Profile Programming Guide 0.3 Application Notes
CPT112S Data Sheet 0.2 Data Sheets
UG133: CPT112S SLEXP8008A Kit User's Guide 0.1 User Guides
QSG115: CPT112S SLEXP8008A Kit Quick-Start Guide 0.2 Quick Start Guides
PRCN #1609271: CPT112S Revision A02 Product Change Notifications (PCN)
CPT112S Errata 0.2 Errata
CPT112S Schematic A01 Schematic and Layout Files
CPT112S Bill of Materials A01 Schematic and Layout Files
AN949: TouchXpress Programming Guide 0.1 Application Notes
AN957: TouchXpress Configuration and Profiling Guide 0.1 Application Notes
AN1096: Simplicity Studio v4 Offline Installation 0.1 Application Notes
Simplicity Commander -- Linux 1.5.0 Software
VCP Driver v6.7.3 Release Notes v6.7.3 Release Notes
USBXpress v6.7.3 Release Notes 6.7.3 Release Notes
PB #1606031: Inner Box Label Change Product Change Notifications (PCN)
Standard Outerbox Label Change to Include RoHS and Halogen Free Mark Product Change Notifications (PCN)
AN0822: Simplicity Studio™ User's Guide 0.5 Application Notes
AN1121: Headless Builds with Simplicity Studio v4 0.1 Application Notes
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