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CP2200 Ethernet Controller

The CP2200 single-chip Ethernet controller contains an integrated IEEE 802.3-compliant Media Access Controller (MAC), a 10Base-T Physical Layer (PHY) and 8 kB of non-volatile Flash memory available in a TQFP48 package (9x9 mm).  The device can add Ethernet connectivity to any microcontroller or host processor with 11 or more port I/O pins. The 8-bit parallel external memory interface bus supports both industry-standard Intel and Motorola bus formats in multiplexed and non-multiplexed mode.

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Specifications Summary

Host Interface Speed (Mbps): 30

Parallel Host Interface: 8-bit non-multiplexed EMIF

Package Type: TQFP48

LEDs: Separate link and activity

RAM Size: 2 kB TX buffer; 4 kB RX buffer

Package Size: 9x9

Title Version Resource Type
USBXpress WinCE 5.0 1.3.1 Software
1202231 Si3461 Datasheet Change std Product Change Notifications (PCN)
CP2200/CP2201 Single-Chip Ethernet Controller 1.0 Data Sheets
Additional Qualified Test Site for MCU 48-TQFP-7x7 Device Family – ASE Chung-Li Product Change Notifications (PCN)
CP2200/1 Rev C Errata 020907 Errata
CP2200 CAD/CAE Schematic Footprints and Symbols 1.0 Schematic and Layout Files
1110051 C-Pak as a Tape and Reel Supplier std Product Change Notifications (PCN)
Standard Outerbox Label Change to Include RoHS and Halogen Free Mark Product Change Notifications (PCN)
VCP Driver v6.7.3 Release Notes v6.7.3 Release Notes
USBXpress v6.7.3 Release Notes 6.7.3 Release Notes
PB #1606031: Inner Box Label Change Product Change Notifications (PCN)
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