CP2615 USB Audio Bridge

The CP2615 USB to I2S Digital Audio Bridge provides a complete plug and play interface solution that includes royalty-free drivers. This USB 2.0 compliant device includes 16 digital I/O pins and is availble in a 5x5 mm  QFN32 package.

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Development Tools Type
CP2615 USB to I²S Audio Bridge Evaluation Kit Evaluation Kits
Title Version Resource Type
USBXpress WinCE 5.0 1.3.1 Software
CP2615 Errata 0.1 Errata
CP2615 Data Sheet: USB Audio to I2S Digital Audio Bridge 1.2 Data Sheets
CP2615 CP2615 データシート 1.2 Data Sheets
CP2615 数据表 1.2 Data Sheets
AN1044: CP2615 Customization User Guide 0.4 Application Notes
UG271: CP2615-EK2 User's Guide 0.4 User Guides
QSG144: CP2615-EK Quick-Start Guide 0.2 Quick Start Guides
AN1139: CP2615 I/O Protocol 0.1 Application Notes
VCP Driver v6.7.3 Release Notes v6.7.3 Release Notes
USBXpress v6.7.3 Release Notes 6.7.3 Release Notes
PB #1606031: Inner Box Label Change Product Change Notifications (PCN)
Standard Outerbox Label Change to Include RoHS and Halogen Free Mark Product Change Notifications (PCN)
AN0822: Simplicity Studio™ User's Guide 0.5 Application Notes
AN1121: Headless Builds with Simplicity Studio v4 0.1 Application Notes
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