CP2614 MFi Accessory Digital Audio Bridge

Note: The CP2614 is not recommended for new designs.

The CP2614 MFi Accessory Digital Audio Bridge chip is designed to enable rapid development of accessories for Apple® iOS devices. CP2614 provides built-in support for the Apple Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad ("MFi") protocol and the Lightning™ connector. It provides turnkey features including Digital Audio streaming and communication with iOS apps.

No firmware development is required to use CP2614 – all customization options are selected using a simple GUI configuration tool. These configuration options are then programmed directly into flash memory included in the CP2614. By eliminating the need to write a ground-up MFi protocol stack, the CP2614 greatly simplifies development of iOS accessories and shortens time to market.




  • Turnkey Lightning-to-I2S digital audio bridge chip – no firmware development required
  • 24-bit uni-directional or 16-bit bi-directional digital audio streaming
  • Built-in communications channel allows your iOS app to control and interact with accessory hardware
  • Optimized for low-power in both active and idle modes
  • High integration reduces BOM cost and PCB footprint - no external crystal or EEPROM required
  • GPIO can be configured for button input, LED output and accessed remotely from an iOS app or used to control audio playback
  • Receive “Now Playing” metadata
  • General purpose serial interface available for custom data flow

The CP2614 supports the following Apple® iOS devices with Lightning connector:

  • iPhone® 5 and later
  • iPad® (4th generation) and later
  • iPad mini® (all versions)
  • iPad touch® (5th generation)
  • iPad Air® (all versions)

Getting Started with CP2614

CP2614 MFi Digital Audio Evaluation Kit

The MFI-SL-CP2614-EK Evaluation Kit is designed to quickly jumpstart your MFi certified iOS accessory development. The CP2614 MFi accessory digital audio bridge chip takes care of the MFi protocol details so you can focus on your value added accessory features!


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MFi Accessory Digital Audio Bridge Product Matrix

Part Number Data Sheet Eval Kit Interface Dig I/O Pins Package Type Package Size (mm)
CP2614 (NRND)
MFI-SL-CP2614-EK Apple Lightning to I2S Audio Bridge 16 QFN32 5x5
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