Si8055AA-IU 5 Channel 1kV Digital Isolator

Forward Channels

Unidirectional Channels

Silicon Lab's family of low-power digital isolators are CMOS devices offering substantial data rate, propagation delay, power, size, reliability and external BOM advantages over legacy isolation technologies. The operating parameters of these products remain stable across wide temperature ranges and throughout device service life for ease of design and highly uniform performance. This family is suitable for bus applications where multiple co-directional channels need to be isolated. All device versions have Schmitt trigger inputs for high noise immunity and only require VDD bypass capacitors. Data rates up to 10 Mbps are supported, and all devices achieve propagation delays of less than 65 ns. Enable inputs provide a single point control for enabling and disabling output drive. Ordering options include a choice of three to six channels, all in one direction, and 1 kVrms isolation ratings are supported.

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Specifications Summary

Unidirectional Channels: 5

Default Output State: Low

Enable Control: No

Isolation Rating (kVrms): 1

Package Type: QSOP16

Development Tools Type
Si80xx Multi-Channel Isolator Evaluation Kit Evaluation Kits

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