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Silicon Labs' ISOdriver products offer low propagation delays for better timing margins, rock-solid operation over temperature and time; and unparalleled size and cost benefits. Isolation ratings of 1, 2.5, 3.75 and 5.0 kV are available. Driver-to-driver withstand voltage is ±1500 VDC and drivers can be grounded to the same or separate grounds or connected to a floating voltage. They are offered in a variety of options including single channel LED emulator inputs or digital inputs with a single PWM input or dual inputs for high side/low side drivers. Product options include WB or NB SOIC packages, or compact 5x5 LGA. Isolation ratings range from 2.5kVrms to 5kVrms.

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Specifications Summary

Peak Output Current: 2.5

UVLO Voltage: 10

Isolation Rating (Input/Output):

Package Type: NB SOIC8

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Si82xx Isolated Gate Driver Evaluation Kit Evaluation Kits

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