UVLO Voltage

The Si82395AD-IS combines two isolated drivers with either an independent input control or a single input for high power applications. The Si82395AD-IS offers unique features such as an output UVLO fault detection, feedback, and automatic shutdown for both drivers, an EN (active high) instead of a DIS (active low) pin, a safe delayed start-up time of 1 ms, fail-safe drivers with default low in case of VDDI power-down, and highly precise dead time programmability. All drivers operate with a __inputsupplymin__ V - __inputsupplymax__ V input VDD and a maximum drive supply voltage of 24 V. The Si82395AD-IS isolators are ideal for driving power MOSFETs used in a wide variety of switched power and motor control applications. These drivers utilize Silicon Labs' proprietary silicon isolation technology, supporting up to 5 kVRMS withstand voltages. This technology enables high noise immunity, low prop delays and skew, reduced variation with temperature and age, and tight part-to-part matching.

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Specifications Summary

Output Configuration: Dual Driver

Input Type: VIA, VIB

UVLO Voltage: 6

Package Type: WB SOIC16

Development Tools Type
Si8239x Isolated Gate Driver Evaluation Kit Evaluation Kits

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