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The Si8283CD-IS are a family of isolated, high current gate drivers with integrated system safety and feedback functions. These devices are ideal for driving IGBTs used in a wide variety of inverter and motor control applications. The Si8283CD-IS  supports up to to 5 kVRMS withstand voltage per 12. The device provides feedback to the controller about the driver side power state and fault state and recovers the device from fault through an active-low reset pin. On the output side, the Si8283CD-IS provides separate pull-up and pull-down pins for the gate. A dedicated DSAT pin detects the desaturation condition and immediately shuts down the driver in a controlled manner. A Miller clamp is also integrated in to facilitate a strong turn-off of the power switch. Orderable options in the Si8283CD-IS family include an integrated, isolated dc-dc controller. This provides a simple method for providing the isolated power rail necessary for the isolated driver and significantly simplifies layout.  The Si8286 is packaged in a configuration common to many optocoupler based IGBT drivers.

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