Factors for Designing with Silicon Labs 32-bit Microcontrollers

Silicon Labs' EFM32™ 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) family is the world's most energy friendly microcontroller and is specially suited for use in low-power and energy sensitive applications, including energy, water, and gas metering, building automation, alarm and security, and portable medical/fitness equipment. Since battery replacement is often not possible for reasons of access and cost, such applications need to operate for as long as possible without external power or operator intervention. Silicon Labs' energy friendly EFM32 32-bit microcontrollers beat existing low-power MCU alternatives — here we'll highlight the top 5 factors that make this possible.

Manage the IoT on an Energy Budget

Learn how to maximize the energy efficiency of your IoT devices.

Low Power Architecture

Get more done with less energy. EFM32 MCUs feature the ARM Cortex® M4 core with floating point unit and Flash memory, and are architected for low power using only 70 µA/MHz in active mode. The devices are designed to scale power consumption with capabilities in four energy modes, including a 1.5 µA Deep Sleep mode, with 16 kB RAM retention and operating real-time clock, as well as a 400 nA hibernation mode with 128 bytes of RAM retention and cryotimer.

Functional Density

Reduce the cost of your system with highly integrated microprocessors boasting a rich selection of available high-performance and low-power peripherals, on-chip non-volatile memory, scalable memory footprints, crystal-less 500 ppm sleep timer, and integrated power-management functions.


With a range of hardware security measures that include true random number generation, hardware cryptographic accelerators for AES, ECC, and SHA ciphers, and a Security Management Unit securing privileged access to selected on-chip peripherals, the EFM32 MCUs secure your data and your network.

Built a best-in-class security ecosystem for MCU’s by adding Micrium OS + mbedTLS integrated with hardware cryptography acceleration.

Best-in-class Tools

From embedded OS to connectivity software stacks to IDE’s and tools to optimize design. It’s all in one place.

  • Industry leading RTOS with a free kernel
  • IDE support for Keil, IAR and GCC
  • Tools to optimize designs with features that enable things like the profiling of energy usage and easy visualization of the internals of any embedded system.

Our MCU’s are backed by a family of hardware and software engineers and innovators dedicated to solving your toughest embedded design challenges with breakthrough energy-friendly solutions.  Let us help you create the next generation of devices that push the limits of possibility.

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