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C8051F705-GM 8051 Capacitive Touch 8-bit Microcontroller, 25 MHz, 15 Flash(kB)

The C8051F705-GM is a capacitive touch sense microcontroller for cost-sensitive, high I/O embedded systems. The MCU offers highly robust, accurate, responsive and easy to configure touch sensing. Built on a powerful 8051 core with 25 MHz performance, the C8051F705-GM brings a high level of processing power and flexibility to applications such as industrial controls, security systems, residential HVAC, home appliances, keyboards, cash machines and fax/printer/scanner front panels.

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Specifications Summary

MCU Core: 8051

MHz: 25

Flash (kB): 15

RAM (kB): 0.5


I²C: 1

SPI: 1


Dig I/O Pins: 39



Comparators: 1

PCA Channels: 3

Timers: 4

Cap Sense Channels: 27

Package Type: QFN48

Package Size (mm): 7x7

Development Tools Type
C8051F970DK C8051 MCU Development Kit Development Kits

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