EFM8LB10F16E-QFP32 8051 8-bit Microcontroller

Flash (kB)

RAM (kB)

The EFM8LB10F16E-QFP32 is part of the EFM8 Laser Bee family of high performance analog 8-bit MCUs featuring a powerful 8051 core with 72 MHz performance.  This MCU features a 14-bit, 20-ch. ADC and 2 comparators. The EFM8LB10F16E-QFP32 also offers 16 kB Flash and 1.25 kB RAM, along with 6 x 16-bit Timers, multiple communication interfaces and integrated CAN in a 7x7 mm, QFP32. With on-chip VDD monitor, Watchdog timer and a ±2 internal oscillator and high analog integration, the EFM8LB10F16E-QFP32 MCU is a truly stand-alone System-on-chip solution making it ideal for applications such as optical modules, instrumentation equipment, factory automation equipment among others. 

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Specifications Summary

MCU Core: 8051

MHz: 72

Flash (kB): 16

RAM (kB): 1.25

HS I²C Slave: 1

I²C: 1

SPI: 1


Dig I/O Pins: 28

ADC: 14-bit, 20-ch.


Comparators: 2

PCA Channels: 6

Timers: 6

Package Type: QFP32

Package Size: 7x7

Development Tools Type
SLSTK2030A EFM8 Laser Bee Starter Kit Starter Kits

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