EFM8SB20F64G-QFN32 8051 8-bit Microcontroller

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Dig I/O Pins


The EFM8SB20F64G-QFN32 is part of the EFM8 Sleepy Bee family of 8051 based 8-bit MCUs. Built on top of a low power platform this device is well suited for any battery-operated application. The EFM8SB20F64G-QFN32 includes 64 kB Flash, 4 kB RAM, 24 Dig I/O Pins, 4 x 16-bit Timers, 6 PCA Channels and additional communication peripherals. 

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Specifications Summary

MCU Core: 8051

MHz: 25

Flash (kB): 64

RAM (kB): 4


I²C: 1

SPI: 2


Dig I/O Pins: 24

ADC: 10-bit, 23-ch.


Comparators: 2

PCA Channels: 6

Timers: 4

Cap Sense Channels: No

Package Type: QFN32

Package Size: 5x5

Development Tools Type
SLSTK2011A EFM8 Sleepy Bee Starter Kit Starter Kits
Title Version Resource Type
RD-0039-0201 - ZigBee Capsense Dimmer Reference Design with EM3587, EFM8SB1 and PCB Antenna 2.1 Reference Designs
USB Type C Reference Design Reference Designs
KeilC51 Install 9.55 Software
ToolStick University DC Development Tools Software
ToolStick Development Tools 2.60.1 Software
USB Debug Adapter Reset Utility 1.7 Software
Simplicity Studio v3 v3 Software
Simplicity Studio Production Programmer 1.0 Software
Simplicity Studio v3, Linux Installer v3 Software
Simplicity Studio v3, Mac Installer v3 Software
Simplicity Studio v4 (Windows) 4.1.5 Software
Simplicity Studio v4 (Windows64) v4.1.5 Software
Simplicity Studio v4, Mac Installer 4.1.5 Software
Simplicity Studio v4, Linux Installer 4.1.5 Software
EFM8SB2 SLSTK2011A Quick Start Guide 0.2 Quick Start Guides
PRCN #1610102: EFM8SB2 Revision B Product Change Notifications (PCN)
PB #1511241: EFM8BB1 EFM8SB1 EFM8SB2 EFM8UB2 Bootloader Errata Product Change Notifications (PCN)
EFM8SB2 Reference Manual 0.1 Reference Manuals
EFM8SB2 Data Sheet: EFM8 Sleepy Bee Family 1.2 Data Sheets
EFM8SB2 Data Sheet (Simplified Chinese): EFM8 Sleepy Bee Family 1.2 Data Sheets
EFM8SB2 SLSTK2011A User Guide 0.2 User Guides
EFM8SB2 Rev A Errata 0.5 Errata
EFM8SB2 Starter Kit (STK) Bill of Materials A02 Schematic and Layout Files
EFM8SB2 BRD5100A Assembly Drawings A01 Schematic and Layout Files
EFM8SB2 Starter Kit (STK) Schematic A02 Schematic and Layout Files
PB #1605171: EFM8SB2 Errata Product Change Notifications (PCN)
PB #1611165: EFM8SB1 datasheet update v1_3 Product Change Notifications (PCN)
17052456 FM8 SB1 Datasheet Bulletin Product Change Notifications (PCN)
PB #1509011: EFM8 RevB Errata Update Product Change Notifications (PCN)
AN533SW Software
AN124: Pin Sharing Techniques for the C2 Interface 1.4 Application Notes
AN119: Calculating Settling Time for Switched Capacitor ADCs 1.3 Application Notes
AN0828: Capacitive Sensing Library Overview 0.3 Application Notes
AN945: EFM8 Factory Bootloader User Guide 0.2 Application Notes
AN0829: Capacitive Sensing Library Configuration Guide 0.2 Application Notes
AN1084: Using the Gecko Bootloader with EmberZNet and Silicon Labs Thread 0.1 Application Notes
ToolStick Base Adapter User Guide 0.1 User Guides
AN945: EFM8 Factory Bootloader User Guide Software 0.2 Example Code
The C8051 Core: A Viable Compute Engine for 8-bit MCU Design 1.0 White Papers
Proven 8051 Microcontroller Technology White Papers
IEC-60730: Software Safety Standard White Papers
AN0823: Configuring Peripherals for 8-Bit Devices in Simplicity Studio 0.4 Application Notes
AN1074: EFM8 Family IEC60730 Library 0.2 Application Notes
Thunderboard Sense BRD4160A Full Design Package B02 Schematic and Layout Files
Thunderboard Sense Design Files A02 Schematic and Layout Files
Chip Scale Packages Wearables Technology White Papers
Clock Tree 101 - Timing Basics 2 White Papers
Low Power Design Basics: How to Choose the Optimal Low Power MCU for Your Embedded System White Paper White Papers
Si10xx Quick-Start Guide 0.2 Quick Start Guides
Si10xx Quick-Start Guide 0.1 Quick Start Guides
uVision Driver Rev History 4.30 Release Notes
ToolStick Dev Tools Release Notes 2.60.1 Release Notes
USBXpress Win98SE Release Notes 2.42 Release Notes
VCP Driver v6.7.3 Release Notes v6.7.3 Release Notes
IR Performance Analysis Tool Release Notes 1.11 Release Notes
USBXpress v6.7.3 Release Notes 6.7.3 Release Notes
Hex to Svf Release Notes 1.31 Release Notes
8051 Instruction Set Presentations
WMBUS Setup Software
AN111: Using the 8-Bit MCUs in 5 Volt Systems 1.4 Application Notes
AN1096: Simplicity Studio v4 Offline Installation 0.1 Application Notes
AN533: Modular Bootloader Framework for Silicon Labs C8051Fxxx Microcontrollers 0.1 Application Notes
AN568: EEPROM Emulations for Flash Microcontrollers 0.1 Application Notes
AN203: 8-Bit MCU Printed Circuit Board Design Notes 0.3 Application Notes
AN236: Integrating IAR 8051 Tools into the Silicon Laboratories IDE 0.3 Application Notes
AN0822: Simplicity Studio User's Guide 0.3 Application Notes
AN198: Integrating SDCC 8051 Tools into the Silicon Labs IDE 0.2 Application Notes
8-Bit USB Debug Adapter User's Guide 0.3 User Guides
ToolStick Debug Adapter User Guide 0.1 User Guides
EFM8 8-bit Microcontroller Selector Guide 3 Brochures
8-bit MCU Selector Guide 1 Brochures
MCUniversity Course Lectures - Chinese 1 Miscellaneous
IEC-60730 Certificate Miscellaneous
MCUniversity Course Lectures 1 Miscellaneous
AN295: USB Audio Class Tutorial Example Code
AN249: Human Interface Device Tutorial Example Code
AN141: SMBus Communication for Small Form Factor Devices Example Code
AN127: Flash Programming via the C2 Interface Example Code
Designing Sensors into Battery Powered IoT Nodes 1.0 White Papers
Easily Add Capacitive Sense to Just About Anything 1 White Papers
Embedded programming Textbook 1 White Papers
CIP-51 Performance for Standard Library Math Routines 2.1 White Papers
Accuracy Considerations for Microcontroller-Based Temperature Sensors 1.0 White Papers
Choosing the Right Software Framework for Your Design White Papers
How to Overcome Technical Hurdles During Microcontroller Development 1.0 White Papers
AN101: Configuring the Port I/O Crossbar Decoder Example Code
Interfacing an External SRAM to the C8051Fxxx Example Code
Configuring the internal and external oscillators Example Code
16-bit PWM using an on-chip timer Example Code
Implementing a real-time clock Example Code
Software UART examples Example Code
Integrating Hi-Tech 8051 tools into the Silicon Labs IDE Example Code
Integrating Tasking 8051 tools into the Silicon Labs IDE Example Code
Integrating SDCC 8051 tools into the Silicon Labs IDE Example Code
Integrating IAR 8051 tools into the Silicon Labs IDE Example Code
Improving ADC resolution by oversampling and averaging Example Code
Low Pin-Count LCD Interface Software Example Code
Writing to flash from firmware Example Code
Advanced encryption standard Example Code
Three-Channel Power Sequencer. Example Code
AN798: EEPROM Emulation with Wear-Leveling for 8-Bit Flash MCUs 0.1 Example Code
Modular bootloader framework for Silicon Labs MCUs Example Code
EEPROM emulation for flash microcontrollers Example Code
ToolStick Daughter Card Template Software
EFM8 BRD5204A Reference Design Schematic Schematic and Layout Files
EFM8 BRD5204A Reference Design Bill of Materials Schematic and Layout Files
Standard Outerbox Label Change to Include RoHS and Halogen Free Mark Product Change Notifications (PCN)
AN1121: Headless Builds with Simplicity Studio v4 0.1 Application Notes
AN1121SW.zip 0.1 Example Code
AN136: Silicon Labs Production Programming Options 1.6 Application Notes
PB #1606031: Inner Box Label Change Product Change Notifications (PCN)
Hex to Svf conversion utility software V 1.31 Software
Simplicity Studio v3, Offline Installer v3 Software
QuickSense Front Panel STB Software
Production Programmer Release Notes 3.90 Release Notes
Simplicity Commander -- Windows 1.1.0 Software
Simplicity Commander -- Mac 1.1.0 Software
Simplicity Commander Release Notes 1.1.0 Software
Simplicity Commander -- Linux 1.1.0 Software
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