Si3056 Embedded DAA

The Si3056 integrated silicon Direct Access Arrangement (DAA) products offer a DSP-compatible Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) enabling global compliance through a programmable telephone line interface. 

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Specifications Summary

Package: SOIC16; SOIC16 + SOIC8

Host Interface: SSI

Region: Global

Line Voltage Monitor: Yes

BOM Components: 32

AC Termination Settings: 4; 16

Title Version Resource Type
PCN #1611221: SI301X-F-XM ASECL DAF Material change Product Change Notifications (PCN)
PB #1606031: Inner Box Label Change Product Change Notifications (PCN)
Standard Outerbox Label Change to Include RoHS and Halogen Free Mark Product Change Notifications (PCN)
Si3056 Global Serial Interface Direct Access Arrangement 1.06 Data Sheets
AN30: Ground Start Implementation for DAAs 0.1 Application Notes
AN72: Ring Detection/Validation with the Si305X DAAs 0.2 Application Notes
AN347: DAA Design Guide 0.3 Application Notes
AN67: Si3050/52/54/56 Layout Guidelines 0.4 Application Notes
AN81: Si305x-Based Modem Emissions Design Considerations 0.3 Application Notes
1110051 C-Pak as a Tape and Reel Supplier std Product Change Notifications (PCN)
PCN #1310101: Test Shipping Site Tape and Reel Material and Quantity per Reel Change for IA3222B Product Change Notifications (PCN)
EOL #1410092 Si3226 7 Si3203 6 8 9 Product Change Notifications (PCN)
Si3241/45/03/05/06 Datasheet Rev 1.1 Std Product Change Notifications (PCN)
PCN #1310232: Test Shipping Site Tape and Reel Material Change for IA3222B Product Change Notifications (PCN)
17061577-Discontinuance-of-IA3222B-F-FT-IA3223-C-FU-and-IA3223A-C-FU Product Change Notifications (PCN)
PB #1502031: MSL Rating for Si301x and Si3080 Products Product Change Notifications (PCN)
Si3080-F-FM Assy Site Expansion-ASECL Std Product Change Notifications (PCN)
1307171 Tray Change (ASEKR) 7x7ETQFP Product Change Notifications (PCN)
Digital Hybrid Calculator Software
Silicon DAA Software Guidelines -- AN13 0.2 Application Notes
AN19: Silicon DAA Layout Guidelines 1.1 Application Notes
AN17: Designing for International Safety Compliance 0.1 Application Notes
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