Si3056 Embedded DAA

The Si3056 integrated silicon Direct Access Arrangement (DAA) products offer a DSP-compatible Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) enabling global compliance through a programmable telephone line interface. 

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Specifications Summary

Package: SOIC16; SOIC16 + SOIC8

Host Interface: SSI

Region: Global

Line Voltage Monitor: Yes

BOM Components: 32

AC Termination Settings: 4; 16

Title Version Resource Type
PCN #1611221: SI301X-F-XM ASECL DAF Material change Product Change Notifications (PCN)
PB #1606031: Inner Box Label Change Product Change Notifications (PCN)
Standard Outerbox Label Change to Include RoHS and Halogen Free Mark Product Change Notifications (PCN)
1110051 C-Pak as a Tape and Reel Supplier std Product Change Notifications (PCN)
AN30: Ground Start Implementation for DAAs 0.1 Application Notes
AN72: Ring Detection/Validation with the Si305X DAAs 0.2 Application Notes
AN347: DAA Design Guide 0.3 Application Notes
AN67: Si3050/52/54/56 Layout Guidelines 0.4 Application Notes
AN81: Si305x-Based Modem Emissions Design Considerations 0.3 Application Notes
Si3056 Global Serial Interface Direct Access Arrangement 1.06 Data Sheets
PCN #1310101: Test Shipping Site Tape and Reel Material and Quantity per Reel Change for IA3222B Product Change Notifications (PCN)
EOL #1410092 Si3226 7 Si3203 6 8 9 Product Change Notifications (PCN)
Si3241/45/03/05/06 Datasheet Rev 1.1 Std Product Change Notifications (PCN)
PCN #1310232: Test Shipping Site Tape and Reel Material Change for IA3222B Product Change Notifications (PCN)
17061577-Discontinuance-of-IA3222B-F-FT-IA3223-C-FU-and-IA3223A-C-FU Product Change Notifications (PCN)
PB #1502031: MSL Rating for Si301x and Si3080 Products Product Change Notifications (PCN)
Si3080-F-FM Assy Site Expansion-ASECL Std Product Change Notifications (PCN)
1307171 Tray Change (ASEKR) 7x7ETQFP Product Change Notifications (PCN)
Digital Hybrid Calculator Software
Silicon DAA Software Guidelines -- AN13 0.2 Application Notes
AN19: Silicon DAA Layout Guidelines 1.1 Application Notes
AN17: Designing for International Safety Compliance 0.1 Application Notes
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