Single Port PSE Controller

The Si3462 is a single-port power management controller for IEEE 802.3at™ compliant Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE). The Si3462 can be powered from a 50 V input using a shunt regulator, or, to save power, it can be powered from 50 V and 3.3 V power supplies. The IEEE-required Powered Device (PD) detection feature uses a robust 3-point algorithm to avoid false detection events.

Intelligent protection circuitry includes input under-voltage lockout (UVLO), classification-based current limiting, and output short-circuit protection. The Si3462 is designed to operate completely independently of host processor control. An LED status signal is provided to indicate the port status, including detection, power good, and output fault event information. Classification Optional Mode optimizes cost and simplicity for applications that do not require classification such as proprietary systems operating with a fixed set of PDs. The Si3462 is pin-programmable to support four available power levels, endpoint and mid-span applications, and auto-retry or restart after disconnect functions.


  • Single port PoE+ PSEIEEE 802.3at™ compliant
  • Sources up to 30 W
  • Autonomous operation requires no host processor or software
  • Pin-selectable operating modes
  • Classification-based power management
  • Classification optional operating modes
  • Robust 3-point detection algorithm
  •  2-Event classification
  • IEEE-compliant disconnect
  • Inrush current control
  • Short-circuit output fault protection
  • UNH Interoperability Lab test reports
  • –40 to +85 °C
  • 3 mm x 3 mm, 11-pin QFN

Getting Started with Single Port PSE Controller

Si3462 Single Port Evaluation Kit

The easiest way to begin development with the Si3462 PoE PSE Controller is with the Si3462 Single Port PSE Evaluation Kit.

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Single Port PSE Controller Product Matrix

Part Number Data Sheet Evaluation Kit Description Temperature Range (ºC) Package Type Maximum Output Power (W)
Si3462-EVB PoE PSE single port controller with PoE+ -40 85 QFN11 30
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