Si1143/44 Heart Rate Monitoring Solution

The Silicon Labs Si1143/44 solution combines a high-precision optical sensor, an LED source, a proprietary algorithm, and a low power MCU to deliver a low power, dynamic heart rate monitoring (HRM) solution. Target markets include fitness bands, smart watches, and consumer health applications. 

The Si1143/44 uses a single green LED, which allows it to be packaged in an exceptionally small package (2.9 mm x 4.9 mm), and delivers great performance at a low cost and size. 



  • Fully integrated Heart Rate Module IC
    • Green LED with Lens and optical blocking
    • High Sensitivity Photodiode
    • Low noise analog front end and ADC
    • 3 LED drivers
  • Three independent, regulated LED drivers (6mA to 360mA)
  • Small size (2.85 mm x 4.9 mm)
  • Add up to 2 external LEDs
  • < 500nA standby current
  • < 480 uA current for continuouse HR (LEDs, sensors, algorithm)
  • Available with high quality, motion compensated HR algorithm

Si1143/44 Product Matrix

Part Number Data Sheet Dev Kit Description Integrated LEDs Interface Package Type Package Size (mm)
HRM43-GGG-PS HRM focused module with Green LED, without algorithm 1 I2C LGA Module 2.9x4.9
HRM43-GGG-PS HRM focused clear DFN with algorithm 0 I2C DFN10 2x2
HRM44-GGG-PS HRM focused module with Green LED and algorithm 1 I2C LGA Module 2.9x4.9
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