Si1143-AAGX-GM Heart Rate Monitor Focused Sensor

The Si1143-AAGX-GM combines a high precision optical sensor for HRM measurements. It contains an LED source, a proprietary algorithm, and a low power microcontroller (MCU)  to deliver the industry’s lowest power, dynamic heart rate monitoring (HRM) solution. The Si1143-AAGX-GM includes analog-to-ditital converters, and is availalbe in a LGA Module package (2.9x4.9 mm).

Purchasing Information: Available in limited quantities for qualified customers (NDA required).

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Specifications Summary

UV Index: No

LEDs: 1

Gesture/Motion Sensing:

Ambient Light Sensor: No

Interface: I2C

Package Type: LGA Module

Package Size (mm): 2.9x4.9

Title Version Resource Type
Si114x Programmer's Toolkit V2.3 V2.3 Software
Si1143-AAGX Data Short 0.9 Data Shorts
Standard Outerbox Label Change to Include RoHS and Halogen Free Mark Product Change Notifications (PCN)
PB #1606031: Inner Box Label Change Product Change Notifications (PCN)
Si114x Data Sheet (Simplified Chinese): Si1141/Si1142/Si1143 Proximity/Ambient Light Sensor IC with I2C Interface 1.41 Data Sheets
Si1141/42/43-M01 Proximity/Ambient Light Sensor Module with I2C Interface 1.1 Data Sheets
Si1140-DK User's Guide 0.3 User Guides
Si114x-MFB User's Guide 0.2 User Guides
AN576: Si114x Control Panel Application User's Guide 0.3 Application Notes
AN521: irLED Selection Guide for Si114x Proximity Applications 0.1 Application Notes
AN580: Infrared Gesture Sensing 0.1 Application Notes
Si1143 CAD/CAE Schematic Footprints and Symbols Schematic and Layout Files
Touchless Gesturing Brings New Innovation to Electronic Product Designs 0.1 White Papers
Designing Intuitive Gesture-Based Human Interface Systems 1.0 White Papers
Si114x Multi-Function Board Quick-Start Guide 0.2 Quick Start Guides
Si1140 Development Kit Quick-Start Guide 0.3 Quick Start Guides
AN523: Overlay Considerations for the Si114x Sensor 0.5 Application Notes
AN498: Si114x Designer's Guide 0.7 Application Notes
Si1141/Si1142/Si1143 Proximity/Ambient Light Sensor IC with I2C Interface 1.41 Data Sheets
Sensor Puck User's Guide 1.0 User Guides
Si114x-M01 Postage Stamp Schematics and Layout Files for Si1143-M01-EVB and Si1147-M01-EVB Schematic and Layout Files
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