Si1171K1-GM Biometric Optical PPG Module

LED Configuration

The Si1171K1-GM Biometric Optical Sensor combines the lowest power optical HR solution in the industry with best in class power. The small, integrated module contains lensing, photodiode, AFE/ADC and 1 Green, 1 Red, 1 IR LED Module (all of which can be driven simultaneously), and simplifies optical design. The sensor is capable of capturing high quality PPG waveforms to support continuous HR measurement while consuming less than 50uA of current (LED + Sensors). Other features include a >100dB dynamic range, built-in buffer, I2C/SPI support and support for accelerometer synchronization.

Purchasing Information: Available in limited quantities for qualified customers (NDA required).

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Specifications Summary

LED Drivers: 4

Package Type: LGA Module

Package Size (mm): 3.7x7.0

Development Tools Type
Si1171G2 and Si1175G2 Biometric Sensor Evaluation Kit Evaluation Kits

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