Si118x Biometric Optical Sensor

The Si118x sensor combine the lowest power optical HR solution in the industry with best in class power. They combine a photodiode, analog front end and ADC in a small 3x3 QFN device, and allow for the ultimate flexibility in optical design while reducing BOM size.

The Si1182 sensor also has the capability to do single channel ECG measurements alongside optical HR, allowing you to add additional value and gather more physiological information from the user.



  • AFE/ADC and Photodiode in a clear QFN package
    • High Sensitivity Photodiode
    • Low noise analog front end and ADC
    • 4 LED drivers
  • Four independent, regulated LED drivers (1.7mA to 310mA)
  • < 50 uA current for continuous HR (LED + Sensor Power)
  • Built-in 2k Buffer
  • Supports synchronization with an accelerometer
  • 24 bit ADC and AFE with over 100 dB dynamic range
  • Small Size (3.0 mm x 3.0 mm)
  • I2C and SPI support
  • < 500nA standby current
  • Built-in ECG front-end for single channel ECG measurements (Si1182)

Si118x Product Matrix

Part Number Data Short Dev Kit Description Package Type Package Size (mm)
Si118x-KIT Clear QFN with photodiode and AFE/ADC Clear QFN 3x3
Si118x-KIT PPG and ECG capable sensor Clear QFN 3x3
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