Si7201-03-IV Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor

The Si7201-03-IV , Omnipolar Switch Magnetic Sensor is designed to simplify your magnetic switch/latch needs. The low power and high sensitivty of this device make it ideally suited for many applications. The Si7201-03-IV supports a wide temperature range of 0 to 125 °C.

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Specifications Summary

Output Type: Omnipolar Switch

Output Configuration: High (Push-Pull)

idd (typ) (µA): 57

Bop (max): 2.8

Brp (min): 1.1

|Bop-Brp| (typ): 0.6

Full Scale Field Strength (mT): 20

Sample Rate (Hz): 1000

Temp. Compensation:

Tamper Threshold (mT): 0

Vdd (min): 1.7

Vdd (max): 3.6

Temp. Range min (°C): 0

Temp. Range max (°C): 125

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