SL23EP08 CMOS Zero Delay Clock Buffer

Note: This device is not recommended for new designs (NRND).

The SL23EP08 is a low skew, low jitter and low power Zero Delay Buffer (ZDB) designed to produce 8 clock outputs from 1 reference input(s) for high speed clock distribution applications. The product has an on-chip PLL which locks to the input clock at CLKIN and receives its feedback internally from the CLKOUT pin.

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Specifications Summary

Inputs: 1

Outputs: 8

Frequency Min (MHz): 10

Frequency Max (MHz): 220

Additive Jitter (ps):

Zero Delay Mode: Yes

Package Type: SOIC16; TSSOP16

Title Version Resource Type
EOL #1606011: End of Life (EOL) And Last Time Buy (LTB) Notice for Select Si512xx and SL23xx Part Numbers Product Change Notifications (PCN)
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1304111 SL Single Die MSL Bulletin Product Change Notifications (PCN)
PCN 14012101: 16 SOIC Assembly Site Change ASECL Product Change Notifications (PCN)
EOL #1404301: Legacy Devices Product Change Notifications (PCN)
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