High Performance Jitter Attenuator, Jitter Cleaner Si5344C  

Output Frequency Max (MHz)

Frequency Synthesis Mode

The Si5344C 4 output, high performance jitter attenuator combines fourth-generation DSPLL and MultiSynth™ technologies to enable any-frequency clock generation and jitter attenuation for applications requiring the highest level of jitter performance. The device has a frequency output range up to 1028 MHz and delivers a 0.09 ps rms phase jitter performance with a 0 ppm error. The loop filter is fully integrated on-chip, eliminating the risk of noise coupling associated with discrete solutions. Further, the jitter attenuation bandwidth is digitally programmable, providing jitter performance optimization at the application level. The Si5344C can be quickly and easily configured using ClockBuilder Pro software.

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Specifications Summary

Reference Inputs: 4

Clock Outputs: 4

Phase Jitter (fs): 0.09

Input Frequency Min (MHz): 0.008

Input Frequency Max (MHz): 750

Output Frequency Min (MHz): 0.0001

Output Frequency Max (MHz): 1028


Jitter Attenuator: Yes

PCI Express: No

Package Type: QFN44

Package Size (mm): 7x7

Development Tools Type
Si5344 1-PLL Jitter Attenuator Development Kit Evaluation Kits

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