Si5368A Jitter Attenuator Clock Multiplier

Output Frequency Max (MHz)

The Si5368A jitter attenuator combines third-generation DSPLL technology to enable any-frequency clock generation and jitter attenuation for applications requiring a high level of jitter performance. This device supports 4 input(s), 5 output(s) and has a maximum frequency output of 1417 MHz. The Si5368A delivers 0.3 ps rms phase jitter performance with 0 ppm error. The loop filter is fully integrated on-chip, eliminating the risk of noise coupling associated with discrete solutions. Further, the jitter attenuation bandwidth is digitally programmable, providing jitter performance optimization at the application level.

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Specifications Summary

Reference Inputs: 4

Clock Outputs: 5

Phase Jitter (ps): 0.3

Input Frequency Min (MHz): 2

Input Frequency Max (MHz): 710

Output Frequency Min (MHz): 0.002

Output Frequency Max (MHz): 1417

Output Format(s): LVPECL; LVDS; CML; LVCMOS

Jitter Attenuator: Yes

PCI Express: No

Package Type: TQFP100

Package Size (mm): 14x14

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