Si5332A-GM2 Low-Jitter, 8-output, Any-Frequency (< 333.33 MHz), Any Output Clock Generator

Output Frequency Max (MHz)

Frequency Synthesis Mode

The Si5332A-GM2 Any Frequency clock generator provides the highest level of integration available, enabling complete clock tree consolidation in 10/25/40/100G data center communications and industrial applications. With an output frequency range of 5 - 333.33, the device features both MultiSynth fractional as well as integer dividers.   Jitter performance of 0.190ps TYP, low power consumption and has 8 outputs. The Si5332A-GM2 also includes up to 5 user defined hardware input pins that can be assigned as output enable for one or more outputs, frequency control, spread spectrum enablement, or input reference selection. Si5332A-GM2 can be quickly and easily configured using ClockBuilder Pro software, offering both factory pre-programmed as well as in-system programming options.

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Specifications Summary

Reference Inputs: 3

Clock Outputs: 8

Phase Jitter (ps): 0.190

Output Frequency Min (MHz): 5

Output Frequency Max (MHz): 333.33

Output Format(s): LVPECL; LVDS; LVCMOS; HCSL

PCI Express: Yes

Package Type: QFN40

Package Size (mm): 6x6

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