PCI Express (PCIe) 12-Output Clock Generator Si52212-A01

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The Si52212-A01 12-output PCIe Gen1 Clock Generator provides industry-leading jitter performance, compliance with PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1/2/3 requirements, outstanding frequency flexibility and configurable AC parameters for signal integrity optimization. The Si52212-A01 meets PCIe Gen1,2,3 phase jitter requirements with margin, and is available in industrial temperature range. The use of push-pull HCSL outputs ensures the lowest power consumption, while saving board space and external termination resistors for added BOM consolidation.

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Specifications Summary

Reference Inputs: 1

Clock Outputs: 12

Phase Jitter (ps): 0.4

Input Frequency Min (MHz):

Input Frequency Max (MHz):

Output Frequency Min (MHz): 25

Output Frequency Max (MHz): 100

Output Format(s): HCSL; LVCMOS

Jitter Attenuator: No

PCI Express: Yes

Package Type: QFN64

Package Size (mm): 9x9

Development Tools Type
Si52204-EVB Clock Evaluation Kit Evaluation Kits
PCIe Clock Generators and Buffers Evaluation Kits Development Kits

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