Si3226x Single-Chip Dual ProSLIC®

The Si3226x Dual ProSLIC® devices, in a single package, implement two complete foreign exchange station (FXS) telephony interfaces. The Si3226x devices operate from a 3.3 V supply. The Si32260/1 have standard PCM/SPI or GCI bus digital interfaces, while the Si32266/7/8/9 devices use Silicon Labs' proprietary three-wire digital Integrated Serial Interface (ISI). Built-in dc-dc converter controllers can be used to automatically generate the optimal battery voltage required for each line-state, optimizing efficiency and minimizing heat generation.




  • Two complete FXS channels in a single chip
  • Performs all BORSCHT functions
  • Ideal for short- or long-loop applications
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Internal balanced or unbalanced ringing
  • Patented low-power ringing
  • Adaptive ringing
  • Simplified configuration and diagnostics
  • Supported by ProSLIC API
  • GR-909 loop diagnostics
  • Audio diagnostics with loopback
  • Integrated test load
  • Wideband voice support
  • On-hook transmission
  • Loop or ground start operation
  • Smooth polarity reversal
  • Pulse metering
  • PCM and SPI bus digital interfaces with programmable interrupts
  • Software-programmable parameters:
    • Ringing frequency, amplitude, cadence, and waveshape
    • Two-wire ac impedance
    • Transhybrid balance
    • DC current loop feed (10–45 mA)
    • Loop closure and ring trip thresholds
    • Ground key detect threshold
  • Integrated dc-dc controllers with direct connection to MOSFET
  • Three high voltage supply options
  • Ground key detect threshold
  • Full tracking (Si32260/1/6/7)
  • Tracking shared supplies (Si32260/1/8/9)
  • Fixed rail (Si32260/1)
  • DTMF generator/decoder
  • A-Law/µ-Law companding, linear PCM
  • GCI/IOM-2 mode support
  • 3.3 V operation
  • Pb-free/RoHS-compliant packaging

Si3226x Single-Chip Dual-Channel ProSLIC Product Matrix

Part Number # FXS Channel # FXO Channel Max V Battery Wideband DTMF Detection Pulse Metering Daisy-chain Mode Smart Ringing Package Type Package Size (mm)
2 0 -110 Yes Yes Yes Yes No LGA60 8x8
2 0 -110 Yes Yes Yes No No LGA47 6x8
2 0 -140 Yes Yes Yes Yes No LGA60 8x8
2 0 -140 Yes Yes Yes No No LGA47 6x8
2 0 -110 Yes Yes Yes No No LGA50 6x8
2 0 -140 Yes Yes Yes No No LGA50 6x8
2 0 -110 Yes Yes Yes No No LGA50 6x8
2 0 -140 Yes Yes Yes No No LGA50 6x8
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