Bluetooth Mesh Networking Extends Ubiquitous Bluetooth Connectivity

Accelerate time-to-market by up to six months

Bluetooth Mesh Network - Silicon Labs

Stack and SDK

Extend Bluetooth Low Energy with mesh networking. Combine Bluetooth 5 and mesh.

Certified Modules

Make it small, make it fast, make it first with the world’s smallest Bluetooth SiP module. 

Multiprotocol SoCs

Reduce BOM cost and support OTA. Reuse software investment across modules and SoCs.

Mobile Application

Deliver custom mobile apps and verify functionality with the Bluetooth mesh library. 

The Silicon Labs Advantage


15+ years providing commercial mesh solutions with more than 100 million deployed nodes


The widest range of solution offerings, from certified wireless modules to multiprotocol SoCs    


Patented network analysis tools and mobile application libraries    

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