Occupancy Sensor Reference Design


The Occupancy Sensor reference design kit provides the quickest path to a next generation wireless product. It addresses the major challenges of a wireless sensor design – characterizing the real-world sensor performance, overcoming the rigorous challenges of wireless networking, and accelerating through the electronic certifications. It features an ultra low-power design encompassing both hardware to software, and yields an estimated battery life of more than 5 years. It also features the Silicon Labs zigbee stack, so it is proven to scale with the most demanding building automation systems. The software is implemented on the ARM® Cortex®-M4, Mighty Gecko SoC, providing an upgrade path for dual-protocol or changing protocols altogether.With this kit you get Silicon Labs' software with example applications, documentation, and other resources to get started with your own development.

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Hardware and Software Features

Reference Design Kit Contents:

  • Occupancy Sensor
  • 2x AAA batteries (preinstalled)
  • Quick Start Card

Reference Design Kit Features:

Software Features:

  • Support Zigbee, Thread, and Multiprotocol
  • Firmware pre-programmed
  • Over-the-air (OTA) firmware update capability
  • Interoperable with other gateways

Get Started with Occupancy Sensor Reference Design

Access software and development resources

Reference Design Training Center

Occupancy Sensor User Guide

Get started with the occupancy sensor

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Occupancy Sensor Training Video

Learn how to setup and use the reference designs

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Whitepaper: Battery Size Matters

Learn how to balance the tradeoffs of battery and size in IoT applications

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Reference Design Files

Occupancy Sensor Hardware Design Files

Schematics, BOM, and gerber files

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