Wi-Fi® and Ethernet Gateway Reference Design


The connected Wi-Fi/Ethernet gateway reference design provides all the tools needed to create your own gateway out of the box. The zigbee gateway reference design is based on a Raspberry Pi 2 and a zigbee dongle (based on Silicon Labs’ EM3588 IC). This companion gateway reference design was tested to work out of the box with any of the Silicon Labs' lighting or home automation reference designs. An easy-to-use graphical web user interface monitors the status of devices; controls the RGB color, color temperature, ON/OFF, dimming of lights, and rules to bind devices together.

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Hardware and Software Features

Reference Design Kit Contents:

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with case
  • MicroSD card, pre-programmed with the operating system and the zigbee gateway applicationEdimax USB Wi-Fi Adapter, providing a Wi-Fi soft access point for demonstration purposes
  • CEL EM3588 USB zigbee Adapter, pre-programmed with the zigbee NCP (network co-processor)
  • Power Supply
  • Quick Start Card

Reference Design Kit Features:

  • Raspberry Pi Hardware
  • Wi-Fi Soft Access Point
  • AppBuilder Support
  • Supports zigbee Commissioning
  • Control and Monitor
  • Rules Engine to create bindings between zigbee end devices

Reference Design Kit Benefits:

  • The zigbee gateway application can easily be ported to other Linux platforms
  • Provides the fastest method for demonstrating zigbee to Wi-Fi gateway
  • Reduces complexity and development time with a high-level API framework
  • Supports standard zigbee commissioning
  • View zigbee cluster library (ZCL) communication from zigbee end devices and send ZCL data to zigbee end devices
  • Easily create bindings between zigbee end devices from the web server

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