EM351 Mesh Networking SoC for zigbee®

The EM351 system on chip (SoC) includes an ARM® Cortex®-M3 microcontroller, 128 kB of flash, 12 kB of RAM, 0 GPIO and is available in a QFN48 package. The EM351 includes zigbee software.

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Specifications Summary

Core Frequency (MHz): 24

Flash (kB): 128

RAM (kB): 12

Dig I/O Pins: 0


Package Type: QFN48

Development Tools Type
EM35x-Dev: zigbee EM35x Development Kit Development Kits
zigbee Debug Adapter Debug Adapters
Title Version Resource Type
RD-0039-0201 - ZigBee Capsense Dimmer Reference Design with EM3587, EFM8SB1 and PCB Antenna 2.1 Reference Designs
Wireless Selector Guide 7 Brochures
PB #1606031: Inner Box Label Change Product Change Notifications (PCN)
AN1118 Supporting Materials Application Notes
AN1117: Migrating the Zigbee HA Profile to Zigbee 3.0 0.2 Application Notes
AN1118: Certifying Zigbee 3.0 Devices 0.3 Application Notes
Thread usage of 6LoWPAN White Paper from Thread Group 1 White Papers
Thread Stack Fundamentals White Paper from Thread Group 1 White Papers
Thread Battery Operated Devices 1 White Papers
Thread Border Routers White Paper from Thread Group 1 White Papers
Thread Commisioning White Paper from Thread Group 1 White Papers
Wireless Starter Kit (WSTK) Mainboard BRD4001A Schematic A01 Schematic and Layout Files
UG103.6: Bootloading Fundamentals 1.3 User Guides
AN1160: Project Collaboration with Simplicity Studio 0.1 Application Notes
EmberZNet SDK Release Notes 6.3 Release Notes
AN1136: Using the Thread Test Harness in Auto Device Under Test Mode 0.1 Application Notes
UG103.16: Multiprotocol Fundamentals 0.2 User Guides
EmberZnet SDK Release Notes 6.3 Release Notes
AN1144: Using Device Management Service with Zigbee Gateways 0.2 Application Notes
AN728: Over-the-Air Bootload Server and Client Setup 1.0 Application Notes
AN1017: Zigbee® and Thread Coexistence with Wi-Fi 1.4 Application Notes
AN1154: Using Tokens for Non-Volatile Data Storage 0.2 Application Notes
AN1135: Using Third Generation Non-Volatile Memory (NVM3) Data Storage 0.5 Application Notes
AN1133: Dynamic Multiprotocol Development with Bluetooth and Zigbee 0.2 Application Notes
UG103.15: Silicon Labs Green Power Fundamentals 0.2 User Guides
UG305: Dynamic Multiprotocol User’s Guide 0.5 User Guides
UG104: Testing and Debugging Applications for the Silicon Labs EM35x and Mighty Gecko (EFR32MG) Platforms 0.7 User Guides
UG115: ASHv3 Protocol Reference 0.4 User Guides
UG103.3: Software Design Fundamentals 2.1 User Guides
UG103.8: Silicon Labs Tools Fundamentals 1.0 User Guides
UG103.4: HAL Fundamentals 1.2 User Guides
UG103.10: RF4CA Fundamentals 0.2 User Guides
UG103.9: ZLL Fundamentals 0.1 User Guides
UG103.5: Application Security Fundamentals 1.0 User Guides
UG103.12: Silicon Labs Connect Fundamentals 0.4 User Guides
UG103.1: Wireless Networking Application Development Fundamentals 1.1 User Guides
AN1125: Creating and Using a Secure EZSP Host-to-NCP Interface 0.2 Application Notes
AN1010: Building a Customized NCP Application 0.5 Application Notes
Standard Outerbox Label Change to Include RoHS and Halogen Free Mark Product Change Notifications (PCN)
AN760: Using the Ember Standalone Bootloader 0.7 Application Notes
AN772: Using the Ember Application Bootloader 0.8 Application Notes
QSG102: Thread Border Router Add-On Kit Quick-Start Guide 0.9 Quick Start Guides
UG116: Developing Custom Border Router Applications 0.4 User Guides
UG103.11: Thread Fundamentals 0.7 User Guides
EOL #1403181: EM2420 Product Change Notifications (PCN)
AN879: Application Framework Command Line Interface for RF4CE 0.1 Application Notes
AN875: RF4CE GDP Enhanced Security 0.1 Application Notes
AN1019: Using the NodeTest Application 0.2 Application Notes
Control4 Ember Success Story 1.0 Miscellaneous
NURI Telecom Ember Customer Success Story 1.0 Miscellaneous
Overcoming Challenges of Connecting Intelligent Nodes to the Internet of Things 1.0 White Papers
可简单互操作的无线照明控制 1.0 White Papers
克服智能节点与物联网的连接挑战 1.0 White Papers
Ushering in a new era of connectivity with Thread White Papers
實現簡易、具互操作性的無線照明控制 1.0 White Papers
The Net Benefits of Single-Chip Integration for ZigBee SoC Solutions 1.0 White Papers
ZigBee Propagation for Smart Metering Networks 1.0 White Papers
克服智慧節點與物聯網的連接挑戰 1.0 White Papers
AN1121: Headless Builds with Simplicity Studio v4 0.1 Application Notes
AN1121SW.zip 0.1 Example Code
AN0822: Simplicity Studio™ User's Guide 0.5 Application Notes
AN1089: Using Installation Codes with Zigbee Devices 0.2 Application Notes
UG278: Zigbee Cluster Library over IP (ZCL/IP) User’s Guide 0.5 User Guides
QSG106: Getting Started with EmberZNet PRO 1.1 Quick Start Guides
QSG113: Getting Started with Silicon Labs Thread 1.2 Quick Start Guides
EM351/EM357 High-Performance, Integrated ZigBee/802.15.4 System-on-Chip 1.3 Data Sheets
UG107: EM3xx Utilities Guide 0.7 User Guides
UG102: Ember® Application Framework Developer's Guide 1.5 User Guides
UG105: Advanced Application Programming with the Stack and HAL APIs 0.3 User Guides
UG110: EM35x Development Kit User's Guide 1.1 User Guides
AN708: Setting Smart Energy Certificates for Zigbee Devices 1.4 Application Notes
AN710: Bringing up Custom Devices for the Ember ® EM35x SoC or NCP Platform 1.6 Application Notes
1210291 1024xxx EM35x MSL2 Rev1.1std Product Change Notifications (PCN)
1304042-Change-of-TR-Materials-EM351-std Product Change Notifications (PCN)
PCN #1402141: EM35x Copper Bond Wire Addendum Product Change Notifications (PCN)
PCN #1311271: EM35x Copper Bond Wire Product Change Notifications (PCN)
1304161 Add assembly site for EM357 351 std Product Change Notifications (PCN)
1207031 Ember Transition OPNs Labels and Shipping Product Change Notifications (PCN)
AN844: ASHv3-UART Host Interfacing Guide 0.6 Application Notes
AN718: Manufacturing Test Overview 0.4 Application Notes
AN700: Manufacturing Test Guidelines for the Ember EM35x 1.7 Application Notes
AN709: Adjacent Channel Rejection Measurements 0.4 Application Notes
AN845: Production Programming of EM35x Chips 0.2 Application Notes
AN713: Measuring EM35x Power Consumption 0.5 Application Notes
AN717: Programming Options for the Ember EM35x Platform 0.6 Application Notes
AN698: PCB Design with an EM35x 0.6 Application Notes
AN714: Smart Energy ECC-Enabled Device Setup Process 0.6 Application Notes
AN715: Using the EM35x ADC 0.3 Application Notes
EM35x Data Short 08.28.12 Data Shorts
EM35xx Antenna Diversity Reference Design Using Ceramic Balun A0 Reference Designs
EM358x USB Ceramic Balun with Inverted-F PCB Antenna Reference A0 Reference Designs
EM35xx 2-layer Reference Design with Ceramic Balun and Ceramic Chip Antenna A1 Reference Designs
EM35x Ceramic Balun Reference Design Reference Designs
EM35xx Hardware Design Review Questionnaire 0.5 Reference Designs
EM35xx 2-layer Reference Design with Ceramic Balun and Spiral Inverted-F PCB Antenna A1 Reference Designs
EM35x using Skyworks SE2432L Reference Designs
EM35x using RFMD RF6525 Reference Designs
EmberZNet 4.7.2 API Reference For the EM35x SoC Platform 4.7.2 Miscellaneous
TS10: Ember EM35x NCP Host (STM32) Module Technical Specification 0.4 Miscellaneous
EmberZNet 4.7.2 API Reference For the PC Host 4.7.2 Miscellaneous
EmberZNet 4.7.2 API Reference For the EM260 Co-Processor 4.7.2 Miscellaneous
TS8: EM3x Module Technical Specification 1.4 Miscellaneous
EmberZNet 4.7.2 API Reference For the EM250 SoC Platform 4.7.2 Miscellaneous
TS13: EM3598 Radio Board Technical Specification 0.1 Miscellaneous
Application Framework Reference for EmberZNet 4.7.2 4.7.2 Miscellaneous
TS9: EM35x NCP Breakout Board Technical Specification 0.6 Miscellaneous
EmberZNet 4.7.2 API Reference For the STM32F103RET Host 4.7.2 Miscellaneous
TS14: EM359x Breakout Board Technical Specification 0.1 Miscellaneous
TS7: Ember Debug Adapter (ISA3) Technical Specification 1.0 Miscellaneous
TS12: EM35x Breakout Board Technical Specification Errata 0.5 Errata
EM35x Errata 0.7 Errata
ZigBee-based Home Area Networks for Energy Management 1.0 White Papers
The Evolution of Wireless Sensor Networks 1.0 White Papers
Enabling Simple, Interoperable Wireless Lighting Control 1.0 White Papers
TS6: Ember® EM35xx Breakout Board Technical Specification 1.2 Miscellaneous
AN711: SPI Host Interfacing Guide for Zigbee 0.7 Application Notes
AN716: Instructions for Using Image-Builder 0.6 Application Notes
AN706: EZSP-UART Host Interfacing Guide 1.0 Application Notes
UG101: UART Gateway Protocol Reference 1.0 User Guides
AN724: Designing for Multiple Networks on a Single Zigbee Chip 0.6 Application Notes
EZSP Reference Guide 3.5 User Guides
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