Telegesis zigbee® Ethernet Gateway and Consumer Access Devices

The cost communications gateway or Consumer Access Device (CAD) is based on our “best in class” ETRX357 modules. The Telegesis zigbee gateway gives you the perfect transport mechanism to allow developers to access their zigbee sensor networks and automate control either based on the Cloud, or Local (tablet, phone) control. Network managers can now have the flexibility to set standard parameters to automate their network, but also maintain the flexibility to override /update these configurations. With secure industrial standards such as HTTPS, SSSL and AES128 you can be sure that your data is protected. The Telegesis zigbee Gateway is also ideal as a Consumer Access Device for zigbee Smart Energy and Home Automation deployments permitting access to data and remote device control to the home owner.

Gateway Specifications

Hardware Features:

  • Less than 1 Watt power consumption
  • Upgradeable to two ETRX3 series modules – 1 x HAN plus 1 x ZSE
  • Powered by Micro USB connector
  • LEDs for status reporting and user interface
  • 802.3 af compliant Power over Ethernet (Optional)
  • Buttons for user input
  • Backup battery for RTC
  • LEDs for Ethernet link and activity status
  • 100 Mbps Ethernet, 10 Mbps backward compatible
  • Each ETRX3 module can have an 8Mbit external flash memory for zigbee OTA Support
  • RS232 Interface (optional)
  • RS485 Interface (optional)
  • Small form factor 89 mm x 86 mm x 27 mm
  • SD Card Interface for data storage
  • Wall mountableInternal Memory for configuration data storage
  • Rubber feet for placing on a desktop surfaceSupplied with an ETRX3 series module
  • OEM branding available

Software Features:

  • Ethernet Dial-in/Dial-out
  • Can host the website on an SD card
  • Ability to use either DHCP or static IP configuration
  • SSL available on Ethernet Dial-outUses DNS for domain name resolution
  • Access to zigbee module via website hosted on the Gateway
  • Firmware can be updated remotely via Ethernet
  • Password protected web pages for Gateway configuration
  • Allows firmware upgrading of the ETRX3 zigbee module

Telegesis zigbee Ethernet Gateway and Consumer Access Devices

Part Number Buy Description
GW-357-1 Gateway with ETRX357 Module
GW-357-2 Gateway with ETRX357HR Module
GW-357-3 Gateway with ETRX357LRS Module
GW-357-4 Gateway with ETRX357HR-LRS Module
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