Thread Networking with Mighty Gecko SoC

Add Thread Connectivity To Your IoT Devices With An Energy-Efficient ARM® Cortex®-M4

Optimal System Design

  • Take advantage of up to 1 MB of Flash and a powerful ARM Cortex M4 MCU
  • Increase range with an integrated power amplifier which delivers up to +19 dBm output power
  • Minimize power consumption with fast MCU wake up times, autonomous operation of peripherals and low energy modes
  • Secure IP-based communication & accelerate commissioning with hardware cryptography
  • Implement over-the-air updates with a secure bootloader

Reliable Networking Stack

Founding Thread Group Member

  • IPv6 based Thread stack
  • Graphical wireless application development
  • Visual energy profiling and optimization
  • Mesh network debugging and packet tracing.

Complete Starter Kit

Multi-node Development


  • Energy-friendly wireless connectivity with low active current for radio and MCU, fast wakeup times and autonomous operation of peripherals
  • Improved signal range and easier system design with an integrated power amplifier capable of 19 dBm output power
  • Expanded security options with encryption including AES-128, AES-256, SHA-1, SHA-2 and ECC
  • Leading Thread stack from a founding member of the Thread Group
  • Simplified software and system design with concurrent MCU and wireless development using Simplicity Studio

Add Smart Wireless Connectivity to an LED Lightbulb

Learn how adding the latest low-power MCUs, wireless technologies, and mesh networking standards to your connected home applications can speed up development. 

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