Classic Z-Wave Certification Program

The Classic program consists of a technical certification where the device undergoes a comprehensive series of stringent tests to ensure compliance to the Z-Wave standards and specifications.

This program utilizes a Word document certification form that is submitted via e-mail to the Certification mailbox,

The latest Certification form must be used for these submissions. Although development must be compliant with the Device and Command Class specifications, this form may be used as a guide during the product planning and design stages to help identify mandatory compliance requirements. The Certification Form has user-selectable fields to identify implementation and provide self-testing verification.

The Test Specifications defines the test cases that are performed by the independent test partner during the certification process. The developer must perform all applicable tests for their device prior to submitting it in order to complete the self-testing and verify implementation/compliance.

A complementary tool, the Z-Wave Compliance Test Tool (CTT) is available to its members. The CTT can be used to help verify that slave devices are performing properly in respect to Z-Wave functionality and that all mandatory device and command class requirements have been implemented properly.

Important Notice: New products MUST be based on the latest specifications and utilize the current certification form but a developer may be finalizing their device and preparing for certification when new versions of the documents are published. Due to this:

  1. A device may be submitted for certification based on the previous specifications for a period of 60 days from the publication date of the new specifications.
  2. The form on the certification portal is always the latest approved version so comments MUST be added for any items based on the earlier specifications and not complying with the new specifications.
  3. Any submission occurring after the 60 day time period MUST be based on the latest specifications.
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