EFR32ZG14 Modem SoC


The Silicon Labs Z-Wave 700 Zen Gecko modem System-on-Chip, EFR32ZG14, is an ideal solution for gateways and controllers in smart home applications such as smart home gateways, smart speakers, set top boxes, USB sticks and more. Only for Z-Wave Gateway SDK. Use of the EFR32ZG14 Modem SoC requires Z-Wave Plus V2 certification.

Module Specifications

Sub-GHz Radio

  • ITU G.9959 compliant
  • Z Wave 9.6/40/100kbps data rates
  • Supports all Z-Wave Sub-GHz frequency bands (865.2 MHz to 926.3 MHz)
  • Supports multi-channel frequency agility and listen before talk
  • TX power up to 13 dBm

Dedicated MCU peripherals 

  • 5 Dedicated GPIO's for: UART communication, USB compliant suspend mode and optional SAW filter selection
  • Built-in supply monitor
  • UART serial interface for host

Wide Operating Range

  • 1.8 to 3.8 V single power supply with integrated DC-DC
Powerful MCU
  • ARM® Cortex®-M4 + Floating Point Unit
  • 39 MHz Clock Speed

Package Options

  • QFN32 (5 mm x 5 mm)
  • -40 °C to 85 °C 

Z-Wave 700 Wireless Starter Kit

The Z-Wave 700 Zen Gecko Wireless Starter Kit includes the Z-Wave software stack, sample code and integrated debug adapter.

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